Wine Workshops


The “Wine Workshop” series created by Bedales Wines represents a quirky and off-beat approach to wine tasting & education. You do not need to be a novice nor a connoisseur to enjoy these workshops, but rather an open mind and a thirsty palate! Topics will centre around a fun & light hearted way to taste wines that are connected in an interactive way. Workshops are approachable, and ideal for individuals or small groups. The tastings are kept small to allow for questions and curiosities.  Light nibbles & platters will be shared.

Wine Workshops are held fortnightly at Bedales of Borough and are only £35!

Tickets must be booked in advance & links are below. Tasting will last approximately 2 hours.

Upcoming Workshops:

WINES WITH ALTITUDE ; 7PM; 9 May, 23 May & 27 June

A well deserved shout out to wines with height! The higher the altitude, the cooler the impact, longer the season & better the sun exposure. From thin skinned grapes that benefit from a chilled climate, to those thicker skinned varieties that get the exposure they need from sloped terrain. We’re here to showcase the elegance & refinement that come from elevation & attention to hand harvesting from some of our most treasured wineries & vineyards. 
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DON’T PANIC, IT’S ORGANIC!; 7PM; 6 June & 11 July

‘Natural’, ‘Organic’, ‘Biodynamic’ may be words that have grabbed your attention lately, and this workshop is to help you make sense of it all. These wines are artisanal, true expressions of terroir and are great examples of when the winemakers are “hands-off” and let Nature do the talking. Don’t panic, come & learn more able what makes an organic, natural or biodynamic wine!

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THE REBELS!; 7PM; 16 May & 13 June

Casual encounters with The Rebels of the wine world: come taste wines breaking the mold of their regional profiles, the products of wine makers defying standard wine techniques, and wine produced with controversial methods.

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Gift a voucher to attend  one of our Wine Workshops, the recipient can choose the date & theme that they are most interested in (*availability depending)!